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Hi, my name is Sparkle and I'm the leader of the Relves. I am never alone because we have a great team.


Hi, My name is Jack. Sometimes I'm a little clumsy - but I always manage to pull the cat out of the bag. We really do have a great team.


Hi - My name is Holly - I like painting and drawing. We really, really have a great team.


Hi, My name is Charlie. I can do special tricks with time - but that''s our little secret. And yes - we really have a great team :-)

Here's our latest books - in both paperback and ebook format...

Spanish Paperback & ebook 

Los Rescue Elves, o Relves abreviado, se pusieron sus aletas y equipo de buceo para otra aventura de entrenamiento, esta vez por el mar. Cuando llegan allí, se sorprenden al encontrar una isla entera hecha de basura del plástico tirado por los seres humanos!

English Paperback & ebook


From high above the clouds to the depths of the sea, Santa’s toughest rescue elves, or Relves for short, are ready for anything! All year they practice to make sure they’re sharp. They travel the world swiftly and quickly to ensure that Santa makes it safely to your home each year...

Japanese Paperback & ebook



スキューバダイビング装備と足ひれを付け 新しい海の冒険へ出発します。しかしそこで人間が捨てた プラスチックのゴミでできている島を発見します!



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